Diana Dreams of Dinosaurs $2.99

Diana Dreams of Dinosaurs

  • Design & Usability
  • Value for Money

In Diana Dreams of Dinosaurs wp8 game, a little girl falls asleep with her favorite book and then wakes up and everything appears to be going normal except for one minor detail: she is surrounded by dinosaurs. For Diana this is a dream come true, or is it just a dream. Outrageous events like postman dinosaurs delivering the mail and mom and son neighbors walking together down the street will have children rolling.

The story is fun and easy to read with just one or two sentences per page and fun interactive gameplay in the meantime.

This story is illustrated with colorful images that use different perspectives and child like drawings.

Diana Dreams of Dinosaurs Windows Phone Game Features:

  • Text Narration.
  • Colorful and child friendly graphics.
  • Tons of playful interactive zones on each page.
  • Interactive fun guaranteed!

App Informations:

App Screenshots:

Language Support:

Application Requirements:

  • photo, music, and video libraries
  • data services
  • HD720P (720×1280)
  • WVGA (480×800)
  • WXGA (768×1280)

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