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Free Kindle Fire Books

  • Design & Usability
  • Value For Money

‘Free Kindle Fire Books’ brings you daily updates on the best new free kindle books.

‘Free Kindle Fire Books’ brings you human curated free kindle books. You get –

  1. 30 to 50 free kindle books every day. The best ones – handpicked and curated. So you don’t have to waste your time sorting out good from bad.
  2. Special Classification – Particularly good free books and deals have ‘Recommended’, ‘Strongly Recommended’ and ‘Get It Now’ tags attached.
  3. Filter by Genre – If you want to see only Romance and Non-Fiction, then go to the Settings Page and choose to Filter by these two Genres.
    Genres Available – Romance, Thrillers & Mysteries, Fantasy & Science Fiction & Horror, Historical Fiction, Christian, Children & Young Adult, Adventure, Non Fiction.
  4. Lots of information to help you decide.
    Book Title, Author, Review Rating, SubGenres are all listed.
  5. Easy to Use with Comprehensive Help.
    The App is designed to be easy to use. It both lets you focus on one book at a time (no clutter) and quickly browse through available books (just swipe with your finger to scroll).
    Press Help button on the Main Page to read detailed Help.
  6. FREE!

For free you get – daily updates on the best new free kindle books, ability to filter by the genres you want to read.

‘Free Kindle Fire Books’ takes all the pain out of the process of finding the best new free kindle books.

Plus it’s FREE!

“This app was not created or endorsed by Amazon.”

App Informations:

  • File Size: <1 MB
  • Ratings: 5 star
  • Prices: Free
  • Requires: Windows Phone 7.5 or 8
  • Download Link: Free Kindle Fire Books

App Screenshots:

English(United States)

Application Requirements:

  • data services
  • HD720P (720×1280)
  • WVGA (480×800)
  • WXGA (768×1280)

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