Function Plotter Free

Function Plotter

  • Design & Usability
  • Value For Money

This app is a function plotter for your phone.

You can easily enter a function with a special keyboard and then the app will plot the graph and show you the basic results of a curve sketching. I want to create a small and clear app which gives you a fast overview of the function.

Additionally to normal functions the app also supports functions with complex numbers, functions in a three-dimensional space, functions in a four-dimensional space, functions in parametric equation, functions in a polar coordinate system, functions in a spherical coordinate system and functions in a cylindrical coordinate system.

This app is also available for tablets, notebooks and desktops with Windows 8 in a lot of countries.

App Informations:

  • File Size: <1 MB
  • Ratings: 5 star
  • Prices: Free
  • Requires: Windows Phone 7.5 or 8
  • Download Link: Function Plotter

App Screenshots:

Language Support:

Application Requirements:

  • HD720P (720×1280)
  • WVGA (480×800)
  • WXGA (768×1280)
  • data services

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