Beyond Ynth $1.99

Beyond Ynth

  • Design & Usability
  • Value For Money

Embark on an epic adventure that will take you beyond anything you have ever experienced before!

  • Never-before-seen gameplay
  • 1 year in the making

Beyond Ynth is the story of Kribl, a little bug on a big journey to bring light back to the Kingdom of Kriblonia. Help him to successfully traverse unexplored terrifying territories and find all the light-giving Dazzly Diamonds that were stolen by the Four Dark Spiders of the Apocalypse!

Move, turn and traverse labyrinth boxes which help you to safely reach the other end of each level. Beware of traps and deadly dangers!

During your journey you’ll face dry dusty deserts, virulent volcano valleys, dank dark foggy forests and icy mountain peaks with treacherous slippery slopes. Each of these territories brings its own surprises and you’ll find yourself pushing boxes, climbing platforms, jumping, sliding, falling – in every imaginable situation. All these actions require visionary thinking as each level contains puzzling structures which need to be turned, moved and navigated in order to get through. Use your wits to escape scorching sunbeams, freezing weather conditions and dangerous lava pits. You have to see this game in motion to truly understand how amazing it is. Follow the link at the end of the description below to see the game in action.

Beyond Ynth Game Informations:

  • File Size: 35 MB
  • Ratings: 4 star
  • Prices: $1.99
  • Requires: Windows Phone 8
  • Download Beyond Ynth: Click Here

App Screenshots:

beyond-ynth-wp8game5 beyond-ynth-wp8game6 beyond-ynth-wp8game1 beyond-ynth-wp8game2

beyond-ynth-wp8game3 beyond-ynth-wp8game4

Language Support:
English (United States)

Beyond Ynth Requirements:

  • media playback
  • data services
  • movement and directional sensor
  • HD720P (720×1280)
  • WVGA (480×800)
  • WXGA (768×1280)

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