Anti-Virus app for Windows Phone 8

Anti-Virus app for Windows Phone 8

Many people are concerned about “Best Antivirus app for Windows phone 8“. People here and on other forums asked wp8 Anti-virus apps. Today I am going to give you complete solution of this question. 

App submission process to Windows Phone App Store:

Microsoft controls all functioning of Windows Phone App Store. Every app a developer submits to app store runs thought various automatic scanning tests. This processing involves scan of malicious code within app, user permissions, functionality and action taken without users concern. If required, there are also manual scanning done by real human beings. So there are very rare (or zero) chances that an app itself contains virus or malicious code.

Is my Phone get infected by installing Apps?

Anti Virus apps for Windows Phone 8 When you install an app on Windows Phone it gets sandboxes on memory. This memory space can not be accessed by any other app. These apps are not able to make changes to core OS.

Applications can not install other malicious apps or programs on your phone but they can steal some data by accessing your phone. The most common things that an app can steal is your network location, phone book contact number details and messages. No anti-virus can detect these app but only you should protect yourself. Always install apps from official App Store and other trusted sources.

Is my phone get infected by connecting to PC?

Windows Phone operating system is stored in encrypted space of phone memory. No virus can infect or make changes in core OS data. Core OS files can only me modified by OS updates released by Microsoft. These updates are accessed by encrypted internet connection between your phone and Microsoft servers. So unlike Android which can receive virus, Windows phone doesn’t need anti-virus apps.

I am still too scared, what to do now:

If you are still not convinced and want to install Anti-virus app then you should try AVG anti virus. AVG Family Safty 8 app protects your children from accessing adult content. It works automatically and you can manually add/remove websites from blocked category. This app also secure your phone from Phishing, malware & fraud sites by monitoring every site visited by you. 


So the result of above discussion is that no app can make changes to WP8 core OS even if your phone is connected with PC or laptop. Don’t be fooled by anti-virus applications and save your money as well time.

There is absolutely no need to install any Anti-virus app on Windows Phone 8 device, either it is Nokia Lumia, Samsung Omnia, Samsung Ativ S or HTC.

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  1. Is it possible to get a virus from a email you opened on your phone?

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